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" All the information mentioned here is compiled from the knowledge of scholars and doctors,etc."
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Infertility is a growing health problem worldwide. Many factors can cause infertility. However, wrong lifestyles are considered to be the main cause of infertility. A healthy lifestyle is key to overcoming infertility.

Avoid drinking alcohol

In women, excessive alcohol consumption can disrupt the menstrual cycle and reduce ovulation. In men, alcohol consumption can lower testosterone levels and reduce sperm count and quality. Therefore, excessive drinking should be avoided.

Quit smoking

In women, smoking can damage the ovaries and increase the risk of miscarriage. In men, smoking reduces sperm count and quality. Damage to the sperm also becomes an obstacle to conception. Studies show that quitting smoking can improve fertility in both men and women. That's why you should quit smoking.

A good diet is required

Improper diet can also affect fertility. A diet high in processed foods, sugar, and unhealthy fats can lead to hormonal imbalances and more. Hormonal disorders can affect ovulation and sperm production. Therefore, special care should be taken to maintain healthy habits in food matters. A diet rich in fruits, vegetables, protein and healthy fats should be practiced. Studies have also shown that dietary intake of antioxidants can improve fertility in both men and women.

Exercise should be done

Regular exercise is essential to improve overall health. Exercise can also improve fertility. However, it is advisable to avoid excessive exercise or high intensity exercise. Care should be taken to practice exercise methods that are suitable for each individual.(yoga for fitness)(home workout)

Avoid stress

When the body is under stress, it produces more of the hormone cortisol, which interferes with the production of other hormones needed for ovulation and pregnancy. Stress can affect sperm production and motility in men. Therefore, practicing relaxation techniques like yoga and meditation can help reduce stress.

Let's build a healthy life

Dietary regimens

40 percent of our daily energy needs should come from breakfast. Lack of energy due to not eating breakfast is the cause of fatigue by ten to eleven o'clock. A proper breakfast helps students to understand and remember what is taught in the class.

Breakfast should be eaten within two hours of waking up in the morning. Our traditional dishes  are good in nutritional value. Eat any seasonal fruits along with it. balanced combinations of starch and protein. Avoid the habit of having breakfast with lunch and brunch by 11:12.

Reduce rice

Care should be taken not to overeat in lunch. Lunch is enough for 40 percent of the total food consumed in a day. It is better to eat more rice and few soups. which are made with vegetables that are easily available in our country. Eating a spoonful of rice with a chapati is better than eating too much rice. Fish and meat eaters should eat it with curry. Pickles that are high in salt and oil can be avoided. Rice should be only one-fourth of the lunch bowl. The remaining quarter can be protein-rich legumes such as peas or fish and meat. The other half should consist of vegetables, leafy greens and salad. Fruits can also be eaten for sweetness after meals

Dinner should not be heavy

 In recent times, our eating habits have turned upside down. Dinner turned into a celebration. As a result, overeating at night accumulates fat in the body and becomes obese. Oily and fatty foods should be avoided as much as possible at night. A light vegetarian meal is best for dinner. Porridge and lentils are a good dinner dish. Also chapati and vegetables are healthy. Non-vegetarians should eat fish or meat curry. Do not eat oily food and fried food at night. Eating out at night should be reduced to once or twice a month. Have dinner before it gets too late at night. It is better to have dinner at least one and a half hours before going to bed. After dinner, you can walk inside the room for some time. It is also good to drink a glass of milk before going to bed. You can also eat unsweetened fruits.

In the snack time

It is better to avoid oily foods in between. Regular consumption of fried foods can lead to high cholesterol levels and obesity. A salad with fruits or uncooked vegetables is best. If you can avoid tea and drink lemon water, and fruit juice, essential nutrients will also be absorbed. Tea and steamed snacks can be had in the evening. snack etc. are nutritious  sweets. It is better to give home-made sweets to children in the evening instead of bakery dishes. Boiled lentils, boiled peas, cashews, peanuts etc. are good snacks.

Exercise for fitness

 Exercise is the best way to manage lifestyle diseases. Exercise is good for improving heart health, lung function and mental health. Walking for 30-45 minutes daily is the best exercise. Also, cycling, jogging, swimming etc. are good aerobic exercises. For those who can't go out for a walk, they can also do machine workouts such as exercise cycles and treadmills that can be done at home.

While walking, you should swing your arms and hold your head high. It is better to walk slowly and then go full speed after a warm up. Similarly, when you finish walking, you should walk slowly and cool down to stop the exercise. To change the boredom of walking, it is better to look for new ways instead of walking the same way every day. Those who want to lose fat and weight can go to gymnasiums and work out as per the advice of a fitness trainer. (yoga for fitness)(home workout)

Just drowsy, no afternoon sleep

Don't take a long afternoon nap and fall asleep. There are two problems with napping. When you wake up, you feel tired and lethargic instead of refreshed. Another is that excessive daytime naps can negatively affect nighttime sleep. For those who have insomnia problems, if they go to bed at night, the afternoon nap will prevent them from getting a good sleep. Also, there are frequent awakenings during sleep. It should be limited to 10-15 minutes only. The best time to take a nap is between two and three o'clock after a meal. If you ask if afternoon nap is mandatory, then no. When you feel drowsy, drinking a glass of cold water or walking for a while will help you feel drowsy. However, afternoon naps are necessary for shift workers and those who work late at night.

To sleep well

Sleep is medicine. A good night's sleep helps you wake up refreshed and energized to take action. The most practical way to get a good night's sleep is to follow a regular bedtime and wake-up schedule. Make sure to go to bed and wake up on time every day. Do not use mobile phone, TV and laptop right before sleep. Too much light from their screens can reduce the production of the sleep hormone melatonin. You can listen to music or read. Bathing in warm water before going to bed will also help you sleep better. A clean and tidy bedroom will also encourage restful sleep. Drinks containing caffeine like coffee, tea, cola should be avoided at least 6 hours before going to bed. Alcohol is not a sleeping pill. Rather, it disrupts the continuity of sleep by changing the structure of sleep. Alcohol should be completely avoided. A quiet prayer before going to bed will also help you sleep better.

What sedentary people need to know

IT Jobs and work from home have increased the number of sedentary workers. People who sit in front of computers and laptops for long hours may develop health problems including obesity. One of the most common causes of diabetes, hypertension, and high cholesterol among young adults is sedentary lifestyle without exercise. Also osteoporosis, lack of sleep and lack of immunity. There may be mental problems etc.

Those who have to work continuously sitting should make changes in their diet. And should practice light exercises that can be done during work. Avoid bakery items and fried foods that are high in oil, sugar, salt and fat. After sitting continuously for an hour, walk for 10 minutes. Also do light stretching exercises. The feet can be moved up, down and then to both sides. Sit on the chair and bend down and try to touch the floor with both hands. Move the neck forward and backward. Turn to the left and right side and tilt to both sides in such a way that the ear tries to touch the shoulder. Sit with your back and head straight and your feet parallel to the floor. The upper part of the computer screen should be adjusted so that it is towards the eyes. The screen should be placed within reach of an outstretched hand.

No Bed Coffee 

You should avoid the habit of drinking bed coffee or tea as soon as you wake up in the morning. Such drinks only provide temporary relief. Also stomach problems are likely. Instead of bed coffee, it is better to clean your mouth and face and drink a glass of clean water. If you exercise in the morning, you can have unsweetened fruit juice.

Drink at least 8-10 glasses of water several times a day. Intermittent drinking of water will help to reduce fatigue and keep the body hydrated. Avoid carbonated soft drinks. Such drinks will only help you to feel tired and thirsty after the sudden euphoria. Instead of these, lemon water, rice water, coconut water etc. are good drinks. People with kidney problems and fluid should decide which drink to drink and how much water to drink according to the doctor's advice.

" All the information mentioned here is compiled from the knowledge of scholars, doctors, etc."
JI-WORDS August 04, 2023
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