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" All the information mentioned here is compiled from the knowledge of scholars and doctors,etc."

If girls go to the gym

If girls go to the gym

Girls come to the gym to control body weight and obesity. Definitely a great option if fitness is your priority

The number of women going to the gym, especially girls in their teens and young adulthood, has increased significantly compared to the past. This suggests that there has been a major shift in the misconception that heavy gym workouts are for men to build muscle. The awareness that regular exercise is necessary to maintain fitness and the fact that there is no difference between men and women is becoming more popular today.

Weight control and weight loss are the main goals that drive girls to the gym. It is very systematic and scientific to develop the exercise habit.

If you decide to go to the gym, the next question is where to go. Gyms are now even in rural areas. But not all places are women-friendly. The first thing to do is find it. It is advisable to choose a gym as close as possible to your home. Because the gym is a place where you have to go regularly for a long time. It shouldn't be a crisis any longer. While choosing the nearest gym, it is imperative that there is no compromise on convenience and cleanliness.

Can you go to the gym during your period?

This is the doubt of many. It depends on the physical condition of each person. If there is no excessive bleeding and fatigue, there is no hindrance to going to the gym or exercising. Whether it is necessary to work as much as usual can be decided by considering the health at that time.

The fact is that light exercises can help control the stress that is common during menstruation and reduce the physical problems to some extent. This can energize the body and mind.

Even before joining the gym, if possible go and assess things in person. It is a place where many people come and go, and materials used by as many people. Therefore, cleanliness should be ensured. Check that the gym equipment is properly maintained. Even the slightest carelessness on the part of operators can lead to accidents.

Ensure that the trainer is properly trained and qualified. If you do workouts in an unscientific way, the body will have many harms. Before going to the gym, it is best to review your health status with your doctor. Especially if you have any kind of illness, you should consult your doctor about how to exercise.

Exercise should be done at the same time every day. It doesn't matter if you go to the gym randomly this morning and tomorrow evening. Work should have a clear sense of purpose. Targeting fat levels, maintaining a healthy body weight, and managing lifestyle diseases. A workout schedule should be prepared with this goal in mind.

Food, water and sleep are just as important as exercise. Eating something light, such as fruit, biscuits or oatmeal, within 45 minutes of starting work out will give the body energy. Drink enough water before, during and after exercise. Risk of dehydration should be avoided.

Don't jump into strenuous exercise immediately after hitting the gym. Warm up is important. Until then, the body, which is in a normal state, should first be prepared for labor. By warming up, the body's temperature, respiratory rate, and heart rate gradually become ready for exercise. Jumping into strenuous exercise without a warm-up can lead to injury. Warming up at the start of a workout is just as important as stretching and cooling down at the end. Carbohydrate and protein-rich foods are preferred after a workout.
Along with aerobic exercises like cycling and dancing, girls should also do strength training workouts. It gives strength and flexibility to the muscles. But many girls are skeptical about weight-bearing exercises. If you do that, it is doubtful that the body will become rough like that of men. One thing to understand is that there is no male-female distinction in terms of exercises. But the changes they cause in the body of both groups are different.

Estrogen, a female hormone, is fat building. At the same time, the male hormone testosterone is capable of muscle building. They also have more muscle mass. So when men do heavy weight exercises, the results will be reflected in the muscles. Changes in the male body through exercise can occur faster than in girls. Therefore, girls do not need to shy away from strength training for fear of looking like men with muscle spasms.

The important thing to remember when doing non-aerobics is not to repeatedly exercise the same body part. If hand  is exercised on one day, legs should be exercised on the next day. This gives the muscle time to rest and grow.

Dress up

Since the legs and arms have to move abnormally, choose clothes that are loose and not puffy. Gym-friendly clothes are readily available in the market today. Be careful to choose quality ones.

Running shoes are best for gym workouts. Also choose quality ones. Or you may have knee and ankle pain in the future.

A sports bra is important. A sports bra will help the breasts not to feel sore and droopy when the body bends and leans.

Carry a towel for wiping off sweat etc. It is convenient to tie the hair up in a ponytail style or something.

Are breast beauty lost when trying to reduce fat?

These are the things women should know for sure.Obesity and breast beauty is a big problem that most women face today. For women who go to the gym or exercise at home to lose weight, the first thing they lose is the beauty of their breasts.

As most women give more importance to breast beauty than facial beauty, it is likely to become a big psychological problem in women.

Although there are many other factors that affect breast size, health experts point out that if you exercise to lose weight, breast size will also decrease. Breasts are mainly made up of fatty tissue. They contain milk ducts and lymphatic tissues. Behind the breast is the pectoral muscle, and exercise can change breast size in two ways. The more you exercise, the more weight you lose and the fat cells shrink. Since the breasts are mainly fatty tissues, this can lead to a reduction in breast size.                

But health experts say that women should not stay away from exercising for this reason. These people point out that it is possible to lose excess weight without losing the beauty of the breast. They also warn to focus on a balanced diet and exercise plan.

Follow a balanced diet that contains a healthy percentage of all nutrients, such as adequate protein and carbohydrates. Eat a diet that helps increase estrogen and phytoestrogen levels. It can include flaxseed, soy, yogurt, soybeans, soy milk, sesame, pumpkin seeds, chickpeas, and red beans.

You should do some exercises to strengthen the pectoral muscles. These muscles connect the chest to the shoulders and upper body. The breasts are located above the pectoral muscles and strengthening these muscles helps the breasts to become firmer and firmer.
Doing chest exercises strengthens the pectoral muscles. You can perform exercises like bench presses, push ups using a wall instead of the floor, dissect bench presses, and fires that target the upper, middle, lower, and inner chest. Heavy weight lifting and strength training exercises also help strengthen these muscles. So practice these chest exercises at least thrice a week.

Choosing the right type of sports bra is also essential for women's breast beauty. Choosing the wrong bra size can cause breast pain and sagging. Massaging the breasts twice a day can reduce the appearance of stretch marks and improve the appearance of the breasts. Almond oil is very good for massaging the breasts.

These are some other ways to enhance breast beauty.

Daily massage with coconut oil is very good for maintaining the health of breast skin. Mixing coconut oil and aloevera juice together and applying it on the breasts is very good. It is good for improving blood flow in the breasts and reducing wrinkles.

If the nipples are inverted, gently rubbing from the center of the breasts towards the nipple area can bring the nipples out. If this rubbing does not work, surgery will be required. If the nipples are dry or cracked, apply a moisturizing cream.

Never use 'hair remover' cream to remove breast hair. Do not rub the breasts with a towel after bathing. Breast skin and nipples are very soft and can tear.

To maintain breast beauty

It is better to pay special attention to food. And beat the egg whites well. Then add the onion juice in the mixer. Egg white and onion juice can be mixed together to wash the breasts. Doing this daily will increase the beauty of the breasts. Massaging the breasts with fenugreek water is very good.

" All the information mentioned here is compiled from the knowledge of scholars, doctors, etc."

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