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" All the information mentioned here is compiled from the knowledge of scholars and doctors,etc."

Best way for Healthy life

Best way for Healthy life
Best 10 tips for Healthy Life .

1. Follow a balanced diet plan: What you eat is important. Avoid foods high in calories and refined carbs (white bread, polished rice, sweets) and foods high in saturated fat. Make sure you get enough fiber from fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and legumes. Consume bakery sweets and soft drinks sparingly. Get used to nature's sweetness instead.

2. Maintain a healthy body weight: NAF In the early stages of LD, before liver inflammation or scarring begins, rapid weight loss (a low-fat diet, regular exercise) can control the disease.

3. Regular exercise: Regular exercise can burn triglycerides. It can also help reduce fatty liver.An exercise program that includes aerobic exercises (walking, cycling, jogging, swimming) and weight training is good for liver health.

4. Control alcohol consumption: Excessive alcohol consumption can adversely affect liver cells. Fatty liver due to liver disorders; Inflammation and scarring (cirrhosis) will occur. Even small amounts of alcohol can worsen health in people with liver cirrhosis

5. Avoid unscientific nutritional supplements and herbal therapies. Do not use herbal products without doctor's advice.

6. Do screening tests: Tests can help detect liver disease before it progresses.

7. Liver Health Projects in Schools: Inculcate in children the value of good health care, good diet and exercise. Training on the nutritional value of each food item we eat can be effective. Children can be trained to read nutrition content labels on food packets.

8. No drugs. Children may become addicted to drug use. Children can be made aware of the dangers of drug use. Also understand that hepatitis B and C can be transmitted through needle sharing during drug use.

9. Things to watch out for while getting tattooed: Get tattooed safely only from licensed salons and beauty parlours.

10. Practice sexual discipline: Create awareness about sexually transmitted viral hepatitis.

Anger can reduce health

Diet and exercise often feature prominently in discussions of lifestyle disease management. Changes in the body due to uncontrolled anger should also be taken seriously. Health can be defined in many ways. Those definitions go from a state of being free from disease, to vigorous activity, to immunity, to an abundance of energy to sustain life and strength.

Laboratory tests and advanced technology-based devices are now available as benchmarks for measuring health. But health can also be seen as a state of being experienced beyond these dimensions.

Health is maintaining the balance of life. Achieving this requires understanding life as a grand phenomenon in which body, mind and spirit are united.

The functioning of the body is subject to many conditions. But the mind is different. This is poetically pointed out in Mullanezhi's lines, "The mind runs like a magical horse, on paths unseen by man".

It is about lifestyle diseases. The prevention, modification and treatment of lifestyle diseases cannot all be confined to measurable physical dimensions. The sensory system, which includes the mind, intellect and senses, also has an equal share in this.

Food, medicine, mental practices and physical activities that lead to longevity are all Rasayanas in a sense. Ayurvedacharyas summarizing this subject say, "Satyavadinamakrodham adhyatmapravanendriyam Shantam sadvrttaniratam vidyannityarasayanam" from which only one element is confined to the framework of this article.-'Akrodham, the state without anger.

It is indicated that only if you remain akrodhana, you will be healthy and your life will be long. It is noteworthy that none of the emotions such as anxiety, fear, grief, and depression are included in this category and it is noteworthy that at the emotional level, anger reduces vitality and life expectancy.

Anger affects natural bodily functions in many ways. Increases the production of chemicals like adrenaline and cortisol. This can result in high blood pressure. It can cause damage to organs like the heart, brain, kidneys and even lead to death. It has been proven that a person who is excessively angry can have a disordered bowel function (Cut). Therefore, anger causes negative reactions in the metabolic processes. In short, anger destroys health and shortens life for many reasons.

Ayurveda says that unhealthy reactions caused by anger can lead to pithakopa. Bile refers to Jevagni (Bio enzymatic complex). Every cell has suranas of bioagni. Death is the extinguishing of the vital fire—be it of the individual or of the cell.

The symptoms of ill-health manifested in the body due to anger are fatigue, intolerance, closing of the eyes, tremors, impotence, smoking, lack of vitality, digestive disorders fermentation, indigestion, dry mouth, diarrhoea, etc.

Uncontrollable anger has become very common in modern living conditions. In the search for the causes of lifestyle diseases, the physical and mental reactions caused by anger should also be considered. While accepting the fact that anger is a natural emotion, it is important to learn to control it. Ayurveda's advice in this regard is to learn, practice and acquire the sattvic quality of grace.

Kripa means Daya and Paraklesavivekam Karunyam Anuthapam (empathy). This is a quality that can only be acquired through practice. It is suggested to start from childhood. It's not over, there are still more ways to calm Copagni. Make it a habit to enjoy the beauty of nature. Fun with toddlers can cool down anger. If the condition permits, exquisite and delicious food becomes an antidote. At the same time, it is also advised not to use intoxicating substances like alcohol.

There are medicines in medicine that can be used for those who suffer from grief due to anger. Medicines should be used only as per expert advice.

Ayurveda is a health oriented science. Pathological thoughts and discussions are a natural sequel. Ayurveda's approach to health is almost holistic. This integrity is derived from nature. Ayurveda teaches how to make the life events from dawn to dusk creative. Creativity here is health related.

Even those who are sick are healthy. By maintaining such health conditions, the severity of diseases can be reduced. For example, if a diabetic is otherwise healthy, the health problems caused by diabetes will not be severe.

Health means strength. If you protect your strength, strength will protect you.' This is the main health message of Ayurveda. "Strengthening health is the science of healthy action.

The following notes are a glimpse into the methods recommended by Ayurveda to achieve the above goals.

Food is balanced

Let's take the matter of food. Food is not just food, but everything that enters the body through the five senses (mouth, eyes, nose, tongue and skin). Good sights, tastes, smells, sounds and touches become food. A closer look reveals that there are foods that nature cooks itself and that we cook. Foods ripened by nature will increase in quality.

Food should be balanced. This balance is achieved by properly combining all the six types of rasam (sweet, sour, salty, spicy, bitter and pungent). People who love sweets eat too much of sweet foods and because of their liking for spicy foods, too much of sambar, pickles etc. leads to unhealthiness. A traditional diet in Kerala is part of a balanced diet. Papaya, kale etc. There was the addition of chicken curry, which is an example of an exemplary combination of vegetarian and non-vegetarian foods.

The mind must be attuned

Mind is another important factor. Only food that suits the mind suits the body. In relation to the mind, food is classified into three categories: sattvik, rajasm and tamasam. Food should bring peace and tranquility to the mind. Don't eat automatically, like refueling a vehicle. Enjoy it.

Chemotherapy called sleep

Sleep is nature's chemical therapy. Vinobaji's advice is to experience sleep as death. Each day should be seen as rebirth. In order for the body to be awake during the day, it must be asleep at night. Spontaneous sleep affects the energy vibrations within the body.

Exercise for body and mind

Exercise is enough to keep the health clock ticking. Everyone should exercise according to their body strength. Exercise is essential to prevent lifestyle diseases and manage chronic diseases with less drugs. In short, exercise is medicine. Exercise is not only physical exercise but also includes yoga practice etc. to keep the mind, intellect and senses clear. Exercise is also games that stimulate the mind and refresh the body. Remember also that the lungs, heart and other organs are internally exercised to prolong life.

Satisfying relationships

Satisfying marital and family relationships are another cornerstone of long-term health. Sexual satisfaction is necessary to celebrate life. Sex is not only a means of consummation, but also of sharing love.

Drunkenness takes away the vitality

One factor that shortens the length of health and life and makes life miserable is addiction. Drunkenness kills vitality. Vigor is the new righteousness that comes from embracing life. The heart energy of Ayurvedic healing.

Above mentioned are some general things that are necessary for long health. Whenever one slips out of these knowingly or unknowingly the physician is appointed to revive the life.

" All the information mentioned here is compiled from the knowledge of scholars, doctors, etc."

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